Luminous Regalia

Introducing India’s first wall mounted smart power backup system, crafted to suit your every need. With a sleek and modern design, it is elegant and aesthetically pleasing with a lifespan of 10 years.

Capacity 500W - 750W
  • No water top up or maintenance required
  • Gets fully charged within 2-3 hours
  • Connects up to 3 batteries of 0.48 kWh each
  • Connect your Regalia over the wifi and access your power information on any connected device
  • Control and access power back up information, diagnostic and more through your smart phones
  • Use the touch screen to view backup time, charging time or for configuration
  • High efficiency cells that save energy
  • Regalia uses Lithium ion battery technology which is safe for environment
  • Connect Regalia to grid directly to power your home and charge batteries
  • Connect Regalia to solar panels to charge your batteries from abundant solar power
Feature Detail
Rated Capacity 500W - 750W
Solar Connectivity upto 800Wp panel connectivity
Energy Storage Capacity 1 1.5 kWh
Battery Dimension 74 * 46 * 19.5 cm (L * W * H)
Charging Time 2-3 hours (typical)mm
Weight 0.000 Kgs
Battery Life 7-10 years
Installation wall mount
Warranty 2 Years ( 5years on battery)
Battery Efficiency >95 %