V-Guard DU 3500

The brilliant performer never has excuses to go unwired and lame even for a single second. When the focus is the key and the data computation is on stake rely on the wonder machine that has the sizeable features to impress the sprinter in you. Stay ready to nimble the army of downtime errors like battery over charging, short circuits, overload and deep discharge, mains low, mains high and thermal surge protection. Go easy with the start and run time longevity with enhanced output delivery possible by sine wave technology. What’s more is the mark of excellence bundled in a high octane 3500 VA capacitive device which works in all weather conditions from 0 to 45 degree Celsius.

Its working range leaps frog into the highest precision levels with greatest input frequency at normal mode. Perfect for workstations that chisel the business environments with custom tune up for improvised backup time. Compatible with most generator types you can charge V-Guard DU 3500 is the answer to all the lost questions on air when you opt for easy to install and stylish in design device that has it all the ingredient to make you go brilliant every time.

Capacity 3500VA
  • Output Waveform Sine wave
  • Soft start Provided
  • Sine Wave Output
  • High Frequency Design
  • Intelligent Audio / Visual Indication
  • Advance MOSFET based Power Stage with PWM output
  • SMPS Based Smart Charger
  • Five Stage Pulse Charging
  • Smart Overload & Short Circuit Protection
  • Charging topology Boost mode
  • DSP Based Design
  • Static Change Over
  • Soft Start Facility
  • Generator Compatible
  • Intelligent Thermal Management
  • Battery Over Charge / Deep Discharge Protection
  • Selectable Mode Option
  • Space Saving Design.
Feature Detail
Capacity 3500VA
DC Bus Voltage 48 V DC
Working Range & Input frequency Normal mode : 100 - 280 V AC 50 +/- 1 Hz ; UPS mode : 180 - 260 V AC 50 Hz +/- 1 Hz
Output Voltage On mains : 100 - 280 V AC % ; On battery : +/- 7% 50 +/- 1 Hz
Output Waveform Sine Wave
Transfer time mains to inverter Normal mode : < 40 ms ; UPS mode : < 10 ms
Transfer time inverter to mains Normal mode : < 25 ms ; UPS mode : < 10 ms
Charger working range Normal mode : 150 - 2 V AC ; UPS mode : 180 - 260 V AC
charging current 10A +/- 2 A A
Full load O/P current 10.5A 0.5A A
Charging Topology Boost mode
Inverter Topology H - Bridge
Recommended Battery 12 180 up to 4 No. (in series combination)
Soft Start Provided
Generator compatibility Provided
Operating Temperature 0 to 45 degree C
Protections Over load, Short circute, Battery deep discharges, Battery over charges, Mains high, Mains low, Thermal protection
Product dimension 32 cm X 25.5 cm x 40 cm
Net Weight 34.000 Kg
Dimension after packing 48.5cm x 41cm x 61 cm
Gross Weight 39.000 kg
Application Eight Computers with 43 cms colour monitor & one Inkjet printer