V-Guard DU 600 Plus

Forget electricity woes

Now you can blow those birthday candles in style or capture your little ones smile for the first time in all visible colours of happiness, as you welcome home the new power hero that is just there to give you smart protection from electricity interruptions and unexpected overload. Designed to suit your elegant mood, V-Guard DU 600 Plus has feather light start button so that you may not miss even a single moment of togetherness with outmost ease. It is equipped with intelligent audio/video console to let you have a superb control over life and fun uninterruptedly. An all type generator compatibility feature makes it a horse with power of a quicker than ever adaptability nature.

What’s more, V-Guard DU 600 Plus has an in-built intelligent thermal management system with battery over charge/deep discharge protection for longer life span. And when it comes to battery, V-Guard DU 600 Plus allows you to opt for the selectable battery mode and quick boot functionality that enhances its quick battery charging capacity. Its compact size saves you a lot of space and it comes stacked with the urban mobility feature with trolley option too so that you can move it wherever necessary.

  • DSP Based Design
  • High frequency design
  • Intelligent audio/visual indications
  • Advanced MOSFET based power stage with PWM output
  • SMPS based Smart Charger
  • Quick battery charging mode
  • Smart overload and short circuit protection
  • Option of wheel-mounted trolley
  • Sine wave output
  • Soft start facility
  • Generator compatibility
  • Intelligent thermal management
  • Battery over charge/deep discharge protection
  • Selectable battery option
  • Space saving design