V-Guard DU 875 Pro

Never falls short on delivery or style

The new V-Guard DU 875 Pro is the calling when it comes to uncompromised performance. Pro to the hilt, it packs a punch with high frequency switching design which not only looks intelligent but provides nonchalant thermal management relief. V-Guard DU 875 Pro never lets your power infra to shiver or blink all because of its MOSFET based PWM technology which enhances dynamic stability. None of its features are run of the mill, so you get the reliable most machine to bank upon. Envy the competition with V-Guard DU 875 Pro that has in-built back feed, battery over charge, deep discharge, smart overload and short circuit protection features.

V-Guard DU 875 Pro is the coveted machines that interacts with its user as it is pinned with intelligent audio and LED indications to provide you the superb monitoring and control mechanism. Ultra in all terms V-Guard DU 875 Pro comes with optional selectable battery, fully DSP based design, SMPS based Smart Charger, Sine wave output, generator compatibility with selectable working modes. V-Guard DU 875 Pro is apparently just big in features not in size, so that you may need not to compromise!

Capacity 875VA
  • Intelligent audio/LED indications
  • MOSFET based PWM technology with dynamic stability
  • Selectable battery charging current option
  • Sine wave output
  • Soft start facility
  • Battery over charge/deep discharge protection
  • Back feed protection
  • Space saving design
  • Fully DSP Based Design
  • Intelligent thermal management
  • SMPS based Smart Charger
  • High frequency switching design
  • Generator compatibility
  • Smart overload and short circuit protection
  • Selectable working range modes
  • Option of wheel-mounted trolley
Feature Detail
Capacity 875VA
Normal Mode Working Range 100 - 280 V AC
UPS Mode Working Range 180 - 260 V AC
Output Waveform (backup) Pure sine wave
Output Voltage (on battery) 220 +/- 10 V AC
Output Frequency (on battery) 50 - +/-1 Hz
Output Voltage (on mains) 100 - 280 V AC
Calibration Accuracy 2.5 %
UPS Mode Transfer Time 10 ms
Norm. Mode Transfer Time 10 ms
Recommended Battery 12 Ah / up to 200 1 No.
Inverter Efficiency 85 %
Charger Fly-back reactance charger
Charging Mode Normal charging mode : 10 A ; High charging mode : 12 A
Charing time @ 230V Input 8 - 10 Hrs approximately for 100 Ah battery in normal charging mode
Protections Overload, Short circuit, Battery deep discharge, Battery over charge, Mains low & high input voltage, Over temperature
Soft Start Provided
Generator compatibility Provided
Spec. of Cabinet Metal cabinet with ABS front panel
Net Weight 9.000 Kg
Gross Weight 9.800 kg
Warranty 24 Months
Application Two computers with 43cm colour monitor, one inkjet printer and one scanner