V-Guard Ei Power 600 Plus

Superb styling and unlimited savings make the V-Guard Ei Power 600 Plus one of the best products from the house of V-Guard. Its intelligent thermal management keeps it cool and enhance performance of any appliance attached with the output supply of the Ei Power 600 Plus. Also, its microcontroller based line interactive technology prevents your computer systems from rebooting, saving you from the perils of data loss. Another technologically advanced feature of this product is that it comes with both normal & quick battery charging modes.

Now that’s called a super saver inverter! V-Guard has been establishing new benchmarks for the industry & hence is treated as leader in technology. And the V-Guard Ei Power 600 Plus is an intelligently designed. What is even better – the V-Guard Ei Power 600 Plus comes with a Smart Overload and Short Circuit Protection. Its intelligent audio visual indications, reliable cost effectiveness and user friendliness offer value for money to the end user. These ultra-modern features in-built in the V-Guard Ei Power 600 Plus assure protection from battery over charge, deep discharge and short circuits to keep your system safe.

  • Microcontroller based line interactive technology
  • Space saving design
  • SCR based charger
  • Intelligent audio/visual indications
  • Intelligent Thermal Management
  • Normal & Quick Battery charging mode
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Soft Start facility
  • Generator compatibility
  • Battery over charge/deep discharge protection
  • Smart Overload
Feature Detail
Output Frequency (on battery) Hz
Calibration Accuracy %
UPS Mode Transfer Time ms
Norm. Mode Transfer Time ms
Inverter Efficiency
Net Weight 0.000 Kg
Gross Weight 0.000 kg