V-Guard DU 1500 Synergy

A solar power system is a significant investment that can last for decades. That's why choosing the right equipment for it is so important. V-Guard Solar Panels generate energy from the moment the sun rises up, until it sets in the evening. The gap between the module frame and solar cells is optimised to eliminate shading. This design helps increase Solar Power Generation. Just think of us as your solar power concierge and trust the V-Guard DU 1500 Synergy as your perfect solar help. It works in perfect harmony with your appliances and comes with four stage battery charging mode, sine wave output and a microcontroller based design which helps you monitor all this with great ease.

Compact in size and elegant in design the V-Guard DU 1500 Synergy is a default machine that facilitates smart solar sharing while providing overload and short circuit protection. The V-Guard DU 1500 Synergy has an intelligent LCD display to help you learn the solar energy stored levels and UPS status to give you literally formidable control over otherwise invisible power supply modes. Functionality wise so superior, new V-Guard DU 1500 Synergy has supplies all the electricity generated to the mains when the load is more and when the load is less, it stores the energy to use in the times of a power cut will thus become your favourite in no time.

Capacity 1500VA
  • Microcontroller Based Design
  • Four Stage Battery Charging Method
  • SMPS Based Smart Charger in Main mode and built-in MPPT Solar Charger during Solar Mode
  • Soft Start Facility
  • Generator Compatibility
  • Intelligent Charging Algorithm
  • Smart Overload and Short Circuit Protection
  • Smart Solar Sharing
  • DU 850 Synergy Standard (Solar PCU, 1 battery, 3 Panels with panel stands)
  • Sine Wave Output
  • Smart Working Profile to ensure the maximum utilization of Solar Energy
  • High Frequency Design
  • Intelligent Audio/Visual Indication
  • Advanced MOSFET based Power Stage with PWM Output
  • Battery over Charge and deep discharge protection
  • Space Saving Design
  • DU 850 Synergy (Solar PCU, 2 Batteries, 5 panels with panel stands)
Feature Detail
Capacity 1500VA
Normal Mode Working Range 100 - 280 V AC
UPS Mode Working Range 180 - 260 V AC
Output Waveform (backup) Pure sine wave
Output Voltage (on battery) 210 V +/- 10 %
Output Voltage Variance (on battery)
Output Frequency (on battery) 50Hz - +/- 1% Hz
Output frequency Variance(on battery)
Output Voltage (on mains) 100 - 280 V AC
Calibration Accuracy +/- 2.5 %
UPS Mode Transfer Time < 15 ms
Norm. Mode Transfer Time < 15 ms
Inverter Efficiency > 80 %
Charging Mains + Solar
Mains charger Fly-back reactance charger
Solar charger MPPT charger
Maximum panel capacity 1000 W
Charging Modes Solar Mode (PV priority) ; Hybrid Mode (AC priority)
Protections Overload, Short circuit, Battery deep discharge, Battery over charge, Mains low & high input voltage, Over temperature, Panel re
Soft Start Provided
Generator compatibility Provided
Spec. of Cabinet Metal cabinet
Net Weight 24.660 Kg
Gross Weight 28.380 kg
Application 4 computers with 43cm color monitor, One Inkjet printer and One scnnner
Accessories One PCU, 4Nos. of 250W panel, 4 Nos of 150 Ah Green battery, 2 Nos of Module Mounting Structure and Interlinking accessories
Warranty 2 Years for PCU