V-Guard DU 1500 Synergy PCU

Feature Detail
Capacity 1500VA
Normal Mode Working Range 100 - 280 V AC
UPS Mode Working Range 180 - 260 V AC
Output Voltage (on battery) 210 %
Output Voltage Variance (on battery) +/-10
Output Frequency (on battery) 50 Hz
Output Frequency Variance(on battery) +/- 1
Calibration Accuracy +/- 2.5 %
UPS Mode Transfer Time < 15 ms
Norm. Mode Transfer Time < 15 ms
Inverter Efficiency > 80 %
Charging Mains + Solar
Mains charger Fly-back reactance charger
Solar charger MPPT charger
Maximum panel capacity 1000 W
Charging Modes Solar Mode (PV priority,) ; Hybrid Mode ( AC priority.)
Protections Overload, Short circuit, Battery deep discharge, Battery Over charge, Mains low & high input voltage,Over temperature Protection
Soft Start Provided
Generator compatibility Provided
Spec. of Cabinet Metal cabinet
Net Weight 24.660 Kg
Gross Weight 28.380 kg
Application 4 computers with 43cm colour monitor, one inkjet printer and one scanner
Warranty 2 Years for PCU
Capacity 1500VA