V-Guard Synergy 500

The V-Guard Synergy 500 is the next generation solar charger, a machine that is naturally going to impress you with its lesser space consumption based design. Just bring home a hinge and mount the new V-Guard Synergy 500 easily anywhere near your inverter. Its indigenous PV reverse polarisation protection lets you breathe easy for the maximum safety you always wanted. High efficiency MPPT Solar Chargers are being increasingly used in battery charging applications in home inverter systems due to the power crisis faced in developing countries. Its work aims at maximising the use of Solar Energy by charging the battery as well as by supplying it to the loads when in excess.

This system is implemented using two sub-systems namely a charge controller and an effective power flow management. The charge controller is used to control the power flow from the PV modules to the battery by operating in two modes. The Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) mode extracts maximum power from PV panels and the Voltage Control Mode prevents overcharging of the battery. All in all the V-Guard Synergy 500 Solar Charger with highly efficient MPPT technology which converts your powerful inverter into a Solar Powered Inverter with great ease.

  • High efficient MPPT solar charger
  • Intelligent load change over from mains to solar
  • PV reverses polarity protection
  • Smart working profile to ensure the maximum utilisation of solar energy
  • Converts existing inverter into solar inverter with ease
  • Intelligent power monitoring LCD display
  • Provision for wall mounting and plinth mounting
Feature Detail
Model Synergy 500
Solar Panel Type MULTI/MONO crystal Maximum
Panel Power 500 W Maximum
Isc (Short circuit current) in Amps 0.0 A
Panel Open Voltage (Voc) 22 V
Vm (Rated voltage) in Volts 0.0 V
Panel Current Max(Isc) 28 A
Im (Rated current) in Amps 0.00 A
Panel Rated Voltage(Vmp) 17 V
MPPT Algorithm P&O
Indications LCD indication for Charges & mains status, Solar charging current & voltage, Enery from Solar-daily & total and LED indication f
Protections Panel reverse polarity ans input high voltage
Warranty 2 Years