Consul Online UPS Finch 11

Consul Online UPS Finch 11 Series is a new range of IGBT based transformer less UPS. Finch 11 series is a single phase to single phase online UPS. It is designed to offer an efficient and reliable power back up solutions for critical operations and processes as well as equipment and machines.

Consul Online UPS is ideally suited to offer power solutions for small medical labs, clinics, data and IT requirements of SOHO and SME’s.

Capacity 8000W
  • Consul Online UPS True Online Double Conversion
  • Microprocessor control optimizes reliability
  • Consul Online UPS Input Power Factor Correction
  • Output Power Factor 0.8
  • Wide Input Voltage (110 V- 300 V)
  • Consul Online UPS Converter Mode Available
  • ECO mode for energy saving (only available for 1-3 KVA )
  • Generator Compatible
  • Consul Online UPS Adjustable Battery Number only available Consul Online UPS for 6 KVA and up models
  • Smart SNMP works well with either USB or RS 232 together
  • Comprehensive display allows easy monitoring and access of UPS status
  • Consul Online UPS Optional isolation transformer available
Feature Detail
Model Finch10KVA
Technology True Online Double Conversion UPS
Input Voltage Range (Load < 50%) 160 - 280V AC
Input Voltage range ((Load > 50%)) 176 - 300V AC
Frequency 47 - 53 Hz
Phase Single Phase
Power factor > 0.99
Output Frequency 50
Voltage range 208/220/230/240V AC ± 1%
THD (Liner load) %
THD (Non-Linear load) %
Inverter/Overall Efficiency %
Charging current A
Ambient Temperature 0 ~ 40°C Continuous
Additional Informtion
Weight 16.000 Kgs
Dimensions of Product 442 x 190 x 318