V-Guard DU 875 Pro Plus

Happiness delivered, uninterrupted

Don’t look right or left as what you have been waiting is right in front of you. Presenting V-Guard DU 875 Pro+ the digital power bank all set to leverage its previous avatars and take centre stage with preloaded magnificent features that’s bound to surface some mouths to open in awe! As the name suggests, V-Guard DU 875 Pro+ has the power of a seasoned professional and the speed of response that’s double precisely.

V-Guard DU 875 Pro+ works on MCB based overload protection and boasts features like battery overload, deep discharge, short circuit protection. Recall the power cuts with V-Guard DU 875 Pro+ now with assured Sine Wave output, all generator compatibility, selectable battery charging current option, fully DSP based design and MOSFET based PWM technology which provides dynamic stability when you need it the most. Stay wired and protected with ultra modern V-Guard DU 875 Pro+ which runs on high frequency switching design and provides a soft start to an unpredictably awesome performance.

V-Guard DU 875 Pro+ has SMPS based Smart Charger for quick turnouts. To top it all V-Guard DU 875 Pro+ is preloaded with features like back feed protection, selectable working range modes, fully isolated manual bypass option.

  • Intelligent thermal management
  • SMPS based Smart Charger
  • Fully DSP Based Design
  • Sine wave output
  • Soft start facility
  • Battery over charge/deep discharge protection
  • Back feed protection
  • Fully isolated manual bypass option
  • Space saving design
  • Selectable battery charging current option
  • Intelligent audio/LED indications
  • MOSFET based PWM technology with dynamic stability
  • High frequency switching design
  • Generator compatibility
  • Smart overload and short circuit protection
  • Selectable working range modes
  • MCB based over load protection
  • Option of wheel-mounted trolley